Builder’s Trained Eye

Example photos of an Identified Major Defect/ Safety Hazard.

On inspection of this well presented home, the kitchen plaster ceiling cornice had a slight curve.  Tests and practical tests to the wall was carried out, pushing on the wall which showed slight flex movement. Moisture tests were carried out for any possible termite activity, no high reading was present. The roof cavity at the outer wall location showed no visible defect. It was strongly recommended the wall load bearing support be checked as the roof main truss support may be compromised. Unfortunately, the owner vendor complained, he considered my findings were incorrect.  Additional inspection to the property was required, I advised the owner to remove a section of wall gyprock lining. With   investigation, there was no load bearing support post to the wall in place, and the wall area had moderate type past termite damage. If left unattended the main roof truss may have collapsed into the kitchen area.  The owner had the defects rectified.

A major defect safety hazard. Identified location.

This tiled roof had slight spring under foot when walking on the roof area, indicated a possible structural inadequacy. The home was approx 8 years old. On investigation to the roof cavity as an Experienced Qualified Builder the structural problems were identified. Insufficient timber structural support, roof joists were over spanned, inadequate under strut support and timber collar ties were not in place.  My Structural Engineers was consulted and confirmed my findings were correct.  Costly Rectification works were attended.

Obvious Example photos of an Identified Major Defect/ Safety Hazard.

This home was well presented however, on investigation to the roof space. Damaged roof trusses. The integrity support at the roof area is compromised.

The location was on verge of collapse. Immediate and costly works required.


Substantial full height 13mm wide stepped crack located right side under bedroom two

south facing side wall identified.  The subject wall also has a rising damp issue.

Storm water runoff to the property was inadequate impacting the wall concrete footing.

And a Large pine tree was close to the wall, tree root activity was also contributing.

Costly works required. Tree removal. Plumbing/ Drainage Works. Wall footings stabilized.