Choosing a Pre-Purchase Inspector

The NSW Building Pre-Purchase Inspection Industry has been deregulated. This basically means any person with very little experience can now check your Property Investment.

Tips to insure the person your about to engage will identify major defects and safety hazards, structural defect issues to the property.  Your Property Investment, Your Choice

  1. Is the person A Licensed Builder?  Building supervisor?
  2. Is the person A Licensed Building Consultant?
  3. Check with the department of Fair Trading Licensing credibility?
  4. Years of experience in the Building Construction Industry.
  5. Is the person Qualified to carry out Timber Pest Inspections/ Years of experience?
  6. Are they Fully Insured?  Any Claims Made.?
  7. Past Client Reference Testimonial?   (Happy Customers)

Let us help you make the right choice. Our Reports Are Thorough, Honest & Independent. We take considerable time to Inspect the property. Your Investment is also Important to us.

Over 27 years’ experience in the Building Construction Industry. Qualified and licensed Building Inspector, Builder Supervisor and Building Consultant.  We have carried out many Pre-Purchase Inspections, Defect Reports and Building Consultation in the Taree, Forster, Tuncurry, Smiths lake, Buladelah and Surrounding Mid North Coast Areas.

The Inspection Report:  all reports are typed, computer generated and include full color photos. Cover photo of the building and photos of any identified major issues/defects.  Includes a description of the floor plan.  Construction type style of the building and age.

We follow up with verbal advice and answer any questions in relation to the inspection findings. Free on site meeting on completion of the inspection is available.

All Visible locations to which reasonable and safe access is available to the property are inspected in Accordance to   Australian Building Standards Pre-Purchase AS 4349.1-2007 Building Inspection Part1 Appendix “C”

Other Inspection Services Provided

  • Dispute Mediation.
  • Professional Witness.
  • Home Owner Warranty Insurance Inspection.
  • Special Purpose Building Construction Defect Reports.
  • Progress Building Inspections.