Inspection Overview

Site Inspection:

Condition of the drive, paths/paving. Fencing and gates.  Surface Storm Water Drainage.     Car Accommodation / Garage/carports.  Inspection of out buildings/ sheds.  Property steps.  Retraining walls both timber and brick.  We carry out a thorough inspection of all visible locations of the property grounds.  We will Identify All Major Defects & Safety Hazards to the property.

External of the building:

Walls and wall cladding. Condition of the windows & doors. Lintel support. Attached timber and steel structures. Inspection of the patio and deck areas.  Balconies and the balustrades. Stairs.  Verandas.   We carry out a thorough inspection of all visible locations of the building.

Roof external:

Condition of the roof covering- Check for potential leaking issues, defective cracked leaking tiles. Roof metal sheeting inadequate slope, rust damage. Tile grout pointing. Roof alignment/ deformation sag.  Gutters and down pipes. Valley iron condition. Fascia and barge fascia condition. Eave lining condition. Vent pipes. Flues. Skylights. Flashings. We carry out a thorough inspection of the roof.

Internal of the building:

Bedrooms- walls, ceilings, doors, windows and built in robes inspected. Window and door architraves and wall skirting boards checked.

Wet areas, Bathrooms, Ensuite and laundry: floor slopes checked. Tiles checked to insure are not loose or dummy. Showers checked for water leaks, tiles sounded and checked. Moisture tests carried out.  Tap ware and toilets tested.

Kitchen: Tap ware tested. Floor tiles sound tested and checked. Cabinets inspected. Floor, walls and ceilings inspected. Full detailed visual inspection is carried out.

Lounge room, dining room living areas: Walls, ceilings, doors, windows. Floors/ tiling.  Architraves and wall skirting boards checked. Full detailed visual inspection is carried out.

The roof void/ space:

Roof framing.  Roof flashings. The ceiling linings. Flues and vents. Sarking. Insulation Underside of the roof covering. Full detailed visual inspection is carried out.

The Sub floor/ Under the building:

Drainage, damp and mould issues. Floor framing inspected.  Under side of the floor linings checked.  Piers supporting the building checked. Damage from leaking showers. Water seepage issues at wet areas of the building, showers.

Recommendations are provided for Services and Appliances

  • Hot Water Units-  Date of manufacture and condition provided.
  • Gas-  Compliance date provided and Recommendations.
  • Smoke Detectors- Locations and Safety Recommendations provided.
  • Electrical Installation- Recommendations provided.
  • Plumbing Installation- Recommendations provided.